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Weekly Bonus Question

10:44 UK time, Friday, 11 June 2010

Welcome to the Weekly Bonus Question.

Each week the news quiz 7 days 7 questions will offer an answer. You are invited to suggest what the question might have been.

Suggestions must be sent by submitting a comment BELOW, where it says "Comments". Entries via the "Send us a letter" form on the right will be summarily ignored.

And since nobody likes a smart alec, kudos will be deducted for predictability in your suggestions.

This week's answer is IT'LL TAKE A LOT OF ROCK, WATER AND DIRT.

UPDATE 1730 BST: It's part of the "world's most beautiful tweet" as judged by you-know-who (more details).

Of your woefully wrong efforts, we particularly liked:

  • chopsofdulwich's How do you make a mountain out of a molehill?
  • Suzanne's What's needed to assassinate Snap, Crackle and Pop?
  • Fi-Glos's What's the secret behind the perfect Kiss fancy dress costume?
  • MightyGiddyUpGal's IT staff choose their tug-o-war team for the picnic?
  • and Richard Cleeve's I dont like football or big brother. How can I avoid them for the next month?

Thanks to all who entered.


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