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13:13 UK time, Tuesday, 22 June 2010

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Yes folks, it's that time of year - the only time of year - when national newspapers see fit to use a London postcode as a synonym for an entire sporting event.

It is with great pleasure that Paper Monitor rehabilitates SW19 Watch.

Before we log today's notable entries, it's worth asking why Wimbledon is the only sporting venue commonly referred to as shorthand by its postcode.

Has a sports writer ever name checked Wembley stadium at second mention as HA9? Cardiff's Millennium Stadium as CF10? Or indeed the Inverness Highland Games as IV3 5NS?

Top of the SW19 Watch list is the Independent which doesn't only use the postcode in passing by actually has an "SW19 Diary" for the course of the championships.

The Guardian duly notes that "The SW19 staples were there..."

No, it's note a coded reference to the Wimbledon High Street branch of Rymans. The staples in this case are "strawberries, queues [and] the familiar sight of British female talent foundering at the first hurdle".

The Telegraph, which in all fairness is probably not underrepresented in this particular neck of the woods, promotes the postcode to headline status:

"Wimbledon 2010: Andy Murray to get SW19 campaign under way against Jan Hajek"

And the Daily Mail apparently notes the Queen had seemingly completely avoided this whole quarter of south London for the first 51 years of her life:

"Special security arrangements have been made to ensure Her Maj [sic] is able to tour the grounds during her first visit to SW19 since 1977."

How remiss of one (nine).

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