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14:01 UK time, Monday, 24 May 2010

Err? "...the first time the event has been 'seen' so clearly" closely followed in the next paragraph by "although the planet was too far away for Hubble to photograph, scientists have created an image of it".
Tom Webb, Surbiton, UK

Nominative determinism strikes again!
Colin Edwards, Exeter, UK

I'm sorry BBC, but I really must protest. Did some terrible event occur on set? Were there injuries or fatalities? Were there even strange events that forced the early end to the show or some other comical happening? No? It is not 'Breaking News' that someone has won a talent show on the BBC (or any other channel for that matter). The show was due to run for a number of weeks and result in one winner... the show did run for the proscribed number of weeks and resulted in one winner exactly as scheduled. NOT BREAKING NEWS. Makes me cross.
Kevin, Derby

On Friday and Sunday, I saw two important last episodes (no, not 'Lost'), both of which I totally failed to understand (even with the subtitles on). Not only do I not comprehend why endings have to be unfathomable these days (although the original "The Prisoner" may be responsible for that), but nobody will tell you in the Press or on-line blogs what the episode was meant to represent for fear of writing a "spoiler" for those who have yet to watch it on their computer, video, DVD, et cetera. Not that they'll understand it then, of course.
Rob Falconer, Llandough, Wales

If your festival says something about you, what does that make me, as a R1 Big Weekend-er? I'd hazard a guess at "almost-skint student who can't afford to go to anything else". Yup. That's about right.
J, Bath

About British and American sign language being different - yes they are, but some signs are the same. I work with deaf people and in particular the sign for "I love you" is also totally used here in the UK. It's one of those signs that deaf people from all over the world know AND use. it's become part of international sign language.
Joy Tucker, London, UK

Re: 10 things, No 4 - I think we should be told which one. It sounds like it would be rather a waste of time going there.
Adam, London, UK

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