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15:53 UK time, Wednesday, 19 May 2010

One is left with a sense of bewilderment as to how these flags could possible be a "health" hazard. A safety hazard, yes - but why "health"? Isn't it about time people stopped repeating that phrase "health & safety" like parrots - and started thinking about what the words actually mean?
Chris Melville, London, UK

Robert Peston's latest blog, Eurozone may not be helped by naked shorts ban, did not live up to expectations.
Lee, Birmingham

I've not heard footballers' offspring being called SADs before (7 questions on mascots). It's an unfortunate title, especially when they don't have a choice in the matter - unlike most WAGs who generally would deserve it instead.
Tom Hartland, Loughborough, UK

The Labour leadership contest is starting to turn into a version of The Chain (a la Radcliffe and Maconie). David MILLIBAND - Ed MILLIBAND - ED Balls. Alas there are no more Labour Balls, or Nuts for that matter. There is however Andy Love.
Sarah, Birmingham, UK

Not to put a downer on things but just because Jazz is married to Kenton Cool, we shouldn't assume she is known as Jazz Cool (Tuesday letters). She might have kept her maiden name - I hope it was Hands. One thing is for sure, when that baby is born Kenton will become Daddy Cool.
Louise, Leeds, UK

How easy is it to climb Everest? More people have climbed Everest than have swum the English Channel.
Phil Sears, Dorking, UK

Mr Lowe who organises assents up Mt Everest... has never actually reached the summit? Doesn't exactly inspire confidence.
Basil Long, Nottingham

Nadja (Tuesday letters), QUANGO stands for quasi-autonomous, non-governmental organisation. That's what a GCSE in politics does for you. But I much prefer your answer.
Kelly, Oxford

Yes, Minister - the source of all of my political knowledge - taught me that too.
Joel, Tokyo, Japan

I can't think of anything to sweeten the dullness of quasi-autonomous, non-governmental organisation, apart from quoting Sir Humphrey's famous observation "it takes two to QUANGO".
Frederick Heath-Renn, London, UK

Playing "hot or not"? Surely evidence at last that Paper Monitor is male.
Greg, Dallas TX

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