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15:41 UK time, Tuesday, 18 May 2010

Re Men are bigger liars than women, who says the women polled weren't telling fibs then and there?
Amy, Glasgow

I have a condition called "lazy eye" where my brain only processes detailed images from one eye (I have peripheral vision only in the other). So, 3D movies don't work for me, irrespective of how well they've been done (Paying the price for 3D roll-out).
Charlie, London

Female damselflies prefer hot males - this surely explains why I get stung more by mosquitoes than my nerdy brother standing in the same room.
Nuno Aragao, Aveiro, Portugal

While on a visit to Utah last week, we were asked for ID before buying drinks at an Applebee's restaurant (Monday letters). They said their policy is to ID anyone that looks under 50. Being over the half century, I took that as a compliment.
Mark, Bridge

I'm 36 and recently got asked for ID while I was rummaging around in my bag for my purse. When I looked up in shock the girl behind the till said "Oh right. Doesn't matter." Disbelieving joy to utter dejection in a second.
Kaylie, Runcorn, UK

"When we saw there was a piece missing from the middle (of the jigsaw), we just couldn't believe it" (Quote of the Day). It's down the back of the sofa, Jack.
Rob Falconer, Llandough, Wales

David Freeman points out the Everest climber's pregnant wife, named Jazz Cool (Monday letters). Shall we run a book on what the baby will be named?
Ontour UK, Leicester

I'm all intrigued - what's the origin of the word "quango" (Monday letters)? I imagine it's some clever acronym. Maybe Quite Unproductive And Needless Government Offices. Am I close?
Nadja, Bostonian in Moscow, Russia

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