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15:31 UK time, Monday, 17 May 2010

Re: 37 year olds take note (Paper Monitor, Monday). PM might like to know that it is only in the last year that Tesco has stopped asking this 37 year old for photo ID when she buys alcohol. Over the hill indeed!(snort)
Kay, London

Not totally convinced that spending cuts will be "focusing on reducing the size of quangos", given that one of the very first acts of our new government was to establish the new Office for Budget Responsibility, which is, of course, a quango.
Adam, London, UK

I don't know about nominative determinism, but this bloke's wife has possibly the, er, coolest name possible. Although I can't get the Fast Show out of my head.
David Freeman, Epsom Downs, England

Re 10 things, number two - I remember as a nine-year-old in the early 1960s freely walking up Downing Street, the only restriction to stay on the pavement opposite the row of houses. No terrorist gates or barriers then. I was too young to grasp its importance, but definitely felt this was a big thing to do.
Tim McMahon, Pennar, Wales

Kit suggests the new cabinet wears green ties (Friday letters) as blue and yellow makes green. Personally I'm all for making them wear blue and orange diagonal stripes. Nice and distracting.
Katie T-J, Cambridgeshire

As a non tea-drinker I've always assumed that English Breakfast Tea already tastes of bacon and eggs (Friday letters).
Paul, Marlow, UK

Re coffee syrups and cheese and onion tea for the vicar, the London Tea Room in St Louis, Missouri, serves a blend of tea called The Naughty Vicar.
Heather Simmons, Macomb, Michigan, US

The idea of tea-flavoured coffee in Friday letters is not an original one. A mixture of coffee and tea (called yuanyang) is already a popular drink in Hong Kong.
Chris, Toronto

Re PIN number etc, conversely, "MoT Test" is correct (Friday letters).
Mark, Bridge

Tom, Croydon (Friday letters) - I don't often bother to refer back when people quote others' letters, but so worth it with yours.
Best. Letter. Ever.
Debbie, Essex

Can nobody spell absorbent (10 things and this story)?!
Janet Wheeler, Chorleywood
Monitor note: Adsorbent is a different thing to absorbent.

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