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15:56 UK time, Tuesday, 11 May 2010

A bumper crop by way of apology.

I don't want to complicate things, but if we're to have a vote on how we vote, should we have another vote before that in order to vote on the voting system we'll use to vote about the voting system?
Christian Cook, Epsom, UK

Wouldn't it be excellent if all wars were like this.
Phil, Guisborough

Re Tuesday's Quote of the Day, who was rated coolest when the votes were counted? We should be told.
Francis, Watford

Can Lada, the car that spawned a thousands jokes, make a British comeback? Just so long as they still have heated back windows for when you push the car.
Iain F MacMillan @BBC News Magazine

What do you call a Lada with a sunroof... a skip.
Debbie Carson-Mills @BBC News Magazine

There is a compilation of traffic cam footage from the Lefortovo Tunnel in Moscow - basically just a series of crashes. Most of the cars are wrecked, but at the end a trusty Lada rolls over, then back onto four wheels. The driver just checked his mirrors and continued as if nothing happened. We could do with solid cars like that.
John Henderson @BBC News Magazine

I had a Lada Riva 1500 estate in the late 1980s. Fuel consumption varied from 30.0mpg to 30.5mpg. I reckoned it was a good example of Soviet standardisation: it was built in the same factory as the MiG-29 fighter, so went like the clappers, but it was built on the same assembly line as the T-72 battle tank, and that's how it drove. I've driven Skodas ever since - now they're good.
Rev Tony Buglass, Mytholmroyd, W Yorks

I never knew Lord Alan Sugar was a Medieval-Knight-Father-Christmas Hybrid. Go figure.
Luisa, Frome

Hung parliament? There could well be a hung Magazine Monitor if we don't get any new letters to entertain us - it's Tuesday lunchtime and we still only have Friday's letters to stimulate our minds.
Graeme, Woking
Monitor note: At ease, dear readers.

Could Paper Monitor's prolonged absence be explained by the theory that he/she/it is at the Palace in discussion with the Queen about forming a government?
PM for PM!
Phil, Oxford

Isn't the Fay Weldon quote from 2006? I was very interested to read it, having missed it the first time round, but just wondered how it came to be quote of the day in 2010?
Emma, Oxford

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