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17:39 UK time, Friday, 7 May 2010

I read Neanderthal genes 'survive in us' as US, the country, and wasn't very surprised.
Sarah, Nantwich

I would notice if a girl turned into a vending machine while I was talking to her (Quote of the Day).
Phil, Guisborough

The fake tourist sign for a dogging area reminded me of one which appeared near us. We have plenty of "Take Care, Koalas cross here at night" signs (which provides puzzlement to some as to why koalas get bad-tempered as the sun sets), but near to a jail which had had a lot of break-outs, an exact replica sign appeared saying "Take care, prisoners cross here at night." The prison officers were Not Amused.
Susan Thomas, Brisbane, Australia

Jenny (Thursday letters), the pelican crossing evolved from the panda crossing but really isn't the best for the disabled - the puffin is probably much better. Bike riders should use a toucan, and horse riders a pegasus - not to be confused with a zebra. Hope this helps.
Andrew, Malvern, UK

But the aforementioned fauna are not generally available in the same location as the crossing.
Catherine, Hitchin, UK

Ghetto blasters may be "quaint" (Thursday letters) but the part in What can you NOT do in a polling station? about *deleting* photographs shows that the rule-maker is ahead of my mother when it comes to technology.
Chris Clarke, Grenoble, France
Monitor note: We hear you, Chris.

Turned up to vote at my local polling station, to discover a sign saying "Stilettos are not permitted in the village hall". Clearly this is disenfranchising millions of party girls and power-dressers nationwide.
Andrew Oakley, Tewkesbury, UK

Liam (Thursday letters), I think it's worse that news stories about videogames are still hidden in Technology. While we might still be waiting on the verdict from the Games-As-Art debate, surely games have earned the mantle of Entertainment by now?
M Kelly, Stockport

Liam, is it bad that when I saw your letter I shouted with shock, found the article and yelled "FOR THE WIN!" loud enough for my boss to hear and glare at me? Thought so.
Sarah-Michelle Saunders, Swansea, Wales

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