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16:12 UK time, Tuesday, 4 May 2010

"Peoples of Europe Rise Up." Erm - we did. We rose up, put our hands in our pockets and handed over 110bn of our hard earned.
Owain Williams, Regensburg

When I clicked on Lib Dem military rap 'nonsense', I was expecting so much more.
Simon Varwell, Inverness

Thanks. My decision was made for Thursday, and then you had to go and tell me that Gordon likes Coldplay.
Sue, London

I think I can survive without finding out what they have on their iPods™® or how they like to 'relax' with Come Strictly Talent Factor.
Dennis Groen@BBC_magazine

Inspired by the Turner Prize in pictures, this afternoon i will be using the language of fortnightly status reports "to create striking words that evoke memory and desire through formal tension with a deeper emotional presence". Very uplifting. Can I suggest PM uses the same for tomorrow's news round up?
Susie, Oslo

Tuesday's Quote of the day. Actually it's a brilliant exhibition of a genuine British institution: Queuing.
Sarah, Colchester

Thank you MM for your reply to Julian Hall (Monday's letters) - actors pretending to be NZers by putting on Aussie accents are a constant irritation. May not sound much different unless you know the accents, but it's the equivalent of having everyone on Coronation Street speaking Scouse instead of Mancunian.
Dave, Timaru, NZ

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