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Weekly Bonus Question

10:06 UK time, Friday, 14 May 2010

Welcome to the Weekly Bonus Question.

Each week the news quiz 7 days 7 questions will offer an answer. You are invited to suggest what the question might have been.

Suggestions should be sent using the COMMENTS BOX IN THIS ENTRY. Any answers submitted using the "Send us a letter" form on the right will be summarily ignored.

And since nobody likes a smart alec, kudos will be deducted for predictability in your suggestions.

This week's answer is "1,752 PAGES".

UPDATE 1519 BST: The correct answer is how long is England's 2018 World Cup bid book. The many people who submitted this below should feel only shame at being so literal. Of the deliberately wrong entries, we liked:

  • SkarloeyLine's How many have auditioned for the Led Zeppelin tribute band?
  • tony's In Xanadu did Khubla Khan a mighty pleasure dome decree. How long would the planning application be in modern day Britain?
  • BeckySnow's How much had I typed before realising I'd got caps lock on and was sounding a bit shouty?
  • Kipson's How much of this Jeffrey Archer novel do I have to read before I get to the good bit?
  • And LaurenceLane's How long are the full rules to Mornington Crescent?

Thanks to all who entered.


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