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10 things we didn't know last week

17:41 UK time, Friday, 21 May 2010

flower.226.jpgSnippets from the week's news, sliced, diced and processed for your convenience.

1. Kiefer Sutherland watches Coronation Street.
More details (Daily Telegraph)

2. In Greece, trombonists and hairdressers can retire early because their professions are classed as unhealthy.
More details (Independent)

3. Sex is not dangerous for heart attack patients.
More details (AP)

4. A million people a month are refused a drink in a pub.
More details

5. American and British sign language is different.
More details

6. Twelve is the optimum age for lying.
More details

7. Jigsaw puzzle sales reached a weekly peak of 10 million in 1933.
More details (Daily Mail)

8. The German army used nettle fabric to make army uniforms during World War I.
More details

9. There are 450 music festivals in the UK this year alone.
More details

10. Sextuplets are born once in every 4.5 million pregnancies.
More details

Seen 10 things? Send us a picture to use next week. Thanks to Vic Barton-Walderstadt for this week's picture of 10 flower petals in Welwyn Garden City.

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