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13:45 UK time, Friday, 16 April 2010

Regarding today's quote, is lexical-gustatory synaesthesia perhaps a side-effect of drinking ink ?
Graham, Purmerend, Netherlands

I wonder if James Wannerton's neurological condition is caused by drinking ink?
Michael, Edinburgh, UK

What James Wannerton doesn't tell us is whether he loves or hates marmite.
Rob, London

I find it horribly ironic that on the day I have a half day, I get 7/7 on the quiz and get the answer "skiver". Do I get some kind of achievement? Or just glares for being able to enjoy the sun/ash for the rest of the day?
Liam, Northampton

It was very thoughtful of the three party leaders to wear their school ties so we knew which house they were in. All we need now is a green tie and we've got the complete Hogwarts set!
Phil, Oxford

"One single jaw, eight very large teeth and extremely small genitalia." Just who could this story be about?
QJ, Stafford, UK

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