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16:27 UK time, Monday, 12 April 2010

Re: What does the science say about the Turin Shroud? I think science says "We ain't touching religious debate with a bargepole. Now, about my research grant?"
Andrew Oakley@BBC News Magazine

At the risk of sounding like an irate Daily Mail reader (I'm purely a closet Daily Mail reader, for social research purposes you understand) - this obesity story really is Political Correctness Gone Mad. We can't call obese people obese because it offends them? Unhealthy weight... well, being underweight is also an unhealthy weight. Obesity isn't an offensive word. It's a medical term!

Re: How to Say Kyrgyzstan. Wrongly, I'd wager.
Duncan Corps@BBC News Magazine

Anyone else disappointed not to see a picture of camouflaged cups and saucers walking down the street when clicking this link?
Sharon, Nailsea, UK

Not sure I believe that "our famous Naafi tea has been the beverage of choice for the British armed forces since 1921". Can't speak for the Army, but when I was in the Navy it was most certainly not the beverage of choice. That would be rum.
Adam, London, UK

Can someone do the maths to explain how many options per question there would need to be to be confident that this isn't just fluke.
Dan, Cambridge

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