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17:14 UK time, Tuesday, 6 April 2010

So people think that it is a joke that the Queen might use Easyjet. Queen Sofia of Spain has flown on Ryanair (yes, Ryanair) in the past.
John, Barcelona, Spain

Re 10 things and The world's oldest hot cross bun is 189 today. This doesn't surprise me. I once found some three month old hot cross buns in the cupboard and, although they were a bit hard, they looked absolutely fine.
Dr Toes, Carharrack

Re "Who runs the country during an election campaign?" Are MPs paid during the dissolution of Parliament?
John Betts, Harborough

Okay, admit it, who else had to look up "tmesis" (Paper Monitor, Tuesday)? You big show off P- "The Wizard (or Witch)" -M you.
Bas, London

Re nominative determinism, oh come on, you're not even trying now! Ian Poll?
Simon, Colchester, UK

I suspect MM will be receiving no end of letters referring to this story (Monitor: you're not wrong Cornish Bob): story with comments along the lines of "I knew Katie Price was a bit dim but......" Is there a term for such predictable letters? Or for the practice of predicting the predictable?
Cornish Bob, Truro

Election fever? The last time I had a fever I lay in bed for days semi-comatose, feeling very ill and wishing the damn thing would go away - oh yes, I see what you mean.
John Whapshott, Westbury, Wiltshire

the timing of the general election could not have been worse, considering the number of TV and radio presenters who pronounce "sixth" "sikth", which you say is incorrect. how about a special instruction to everyone there?
Peter B, London uk

Please ask all presenters to stop putting the accent on the second syllable of kilometre. We don't do the same with millimetre or centimetre and it also obscures the meaning of the two parts of the word.
HH, St Albans

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