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14:09 UK time, Friday, 9 April 2010

Paper Monitor was intrigued to hear David Cameron convey his enthusiasm for the Daily Star to Evan Davis this morning. "What's your favourite paper?" is a prickly poser for any politician in campaign mode, since any answer runs the risk of exasperating a section of the Today programme audience: a flurry of lost votes and breakfast cereal spat out in disgust.

The Daily Mail and the Telegraph might be thought of as too close to a Tory leader's heartland; the Mirror is no fan of the Conservatives; the FT and the Economist a tad business-y, so how's an interviewee to reply? The Guardian? Obviously not - notwithstanding Mr Cameron's appearance there as one of today's columnists.

So, to today's Star. Paper Monitor is sure that modesty would prevent any politician from lingering over flattering coverage of his or her latest press conference - yesterday's Dave 'n' Mike pairing takes up two pages of pictures - so perhaps it's the unexpected dietary tips that will have caught Mr Cameron's eye today?

If so, lumps of coal may well feature on the menu at No 10 should Mr Cameron win the election. For under the simple headline "SARAH: I EAT COAL", Girls Aloud's Sarah Harding recommends crumbling "charcoal crumbs all over her meals" as a way to stay in "great shape". Not as suitable for photo opportunities as jogging and cycling, perhaps, but the possibilities for reviving the local economies of former mining communities is obvious.

Mr Cameron's favourite section of the Star, Paper Monitor is sure, is Goss, the double page of celebrity snippets; as an educated man, he will have enjoyed the allusion to Edgar Allen Poe in the headline for the news that Amy Winehouse has telephoned an R&B singer: "Amy call to house of Usher".

Earlier this week, Paper Monitor observed that the Star's election logo was using an obsolete logo for the Conservatives; today, the error has been corrected. Perhaps Mr C texted DSTAR to 80088 (25p plus network costs) to tell his favourite paper that the blue torch was ditched in 2006?

Paper Monitor will of course continue to ponder the favourite newspapers of any other party leaders as soon as new data becomes available.

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