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13:12 UK time, Thursday, 1 April 2010

A service highlighting the riches of the daily press.

OK, so we've got our ever-popular 10 stories that you think might be April Fools but aren't.

But what about the actual April Fools in today's papers? Do they cut the mustard?

The Daily Telegraph has ferrets laying broadband cable. The execution is suitably deadpan, although the idea itself is unlikely to fool anybody who is a not a recently-arrived sheep herder from an unelectrified part of the world.

Paper Monitor has to concede that the Sun has come up with a nice one, it claims to have printed the first lickable newspaper page with a taste. It's nicely done with a white space underneath the legend: "LICK HERE." It warns: "MAY CONTAIN NUTS."

The Daily Mail's AA rocketman seems a little underwhelming.

Both the Sun and the Mail adapt the now standard April Fool signifier of an anagrammatic name. The Sun's is "flair spool" publishing, while the Mail's AA strategist is Dr "Raif Lopol".

The Indy's effort is rather topical, but also disappointingly metrocentric. A second Hadron Collider is planned using the same tunnels as the London Underground's Circle Line.

There's barely a titter raised from the Guardian's page three, which suggests Gordon Brown is opting for a series of hardman election posters to boost his "gangsta" credentials. One is under the slogan "STEP OUTSIDE POSH BOY".

But the Daily Express deserves a mention for the least effort spent on an April Fool. It carries a picture supposedly of the Queen getting on an easyJet yesterday.

But the picture seems to be a hoax circulating on the internet, rather than an Express-originated April Fool.

Roll on 2 April we say.

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