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16:46 UK time, Tuesday, 30 March 2010

Classic "Good News - Bad News". Chocolate is good for you, but only half a bar a week. Half a bar! Anyone with that much willpower will probably live to be 200 out of stubbornness alone.
John Marsh, Washington DC, USA

Easter eggs and other chocolate can be good for you, as long as you eat only small amounts. So not in fact, if you eat an entire Easter Egg.
Dan, Cambridge

The hive has been sent to local beekeepers in an attempt to identify the type of insect that made them. I'm no expert, but having read the article I'm putting my money on bees.
David, Romford, UK

Wow. *whistles in awe* Maybe it's time i rethink my career and become a teacher.
Jaz, Bath

Well I see a sideways house. It has a window and a chimney and everything. I can see the pacman too though.
Luisa, Bristol

What is the purpose of this cricket ball? Is it so the players and crowd can see it better?
Jason McNally, London

Am I alone in wondering if the lady shown chatting to David Cameron in today's Paper Monitor is breaking wind?
Phil, London, UK

Jenn (Monday letters) isn't alone in being very proud of having letters published. When my first ever (and sadly, only) letter was published I was so excited I felt the need to alert all my friends and family members by text. And to announce it to the other staff on the morning ward round at the hospital I was working at. Unfortunately no-one ever got half as excited as me (sniff).
Louise McMurran, Glasgow, Scotland

Wow, Jenn (Monday letters) I wish I'd thought of that, as all evidence of my cleverness is floating around in cyberspace.
Nadja, Bostonian Generally in Moscow but Safely in Scotland This Week

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