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16:08 UK time, Thursday, 25 March 2010

"A real sense of farming"? If farming really involved clicking on virtual chickens and finding golden mystery eggs and clicking pink and brown cows to get strawberry and chocolate milkshake, I would take it up!
Luisa, FarmVille

Axe Attack: Move over, Crunch Creep, there's a new candidate for the over-use award. Yesterday on the BBC News web site we had a headline on BA axing flights, Darling axing stamp duty and London Underground axing jobs. Is nothing cut, reduced, cancelled, made redundant or closed these days?
Gordon Brown (Yes, really), St Neots, UK

Was I the only one thinking the Pulp back catalogue was up for grabs?
Vincent, Worthing

So cloudy days increase student applications to colleges/universities? I mean really, why is someone wasting time finding out this kind of useless information? Now if it helped on buying that winning lottery ticket.
JennyT, NY Brit

Bill Mooney (VP and general manager of Zynga) - surely born to make cash out of cows?
Jane Verne, London, UK

Is this the first instance of perhaps phonetic(ish) Nominative Determinism "Hong Kong billionaire Li Ka-shing"?
Jo, Reading

Given the impending new series of Dr. Who, I think the headline writer on this story really missed a trick. It could so easily have been Cider-men attack Downing Street.
Phil, Guisborough

What's the Order of Merit? My dad, then me, then my wife.
Ben Merritt, Sheffield, England

Is it just me who feels compelled to count the objects in the "ten things" photographs, just to make sure? last week's swans were particularly taxing.
Andy, Bath

Never mind the fine points of what storks may or may not do in some mythical stories (Wednesday's letters), isn't it rather more worrying that our future prime minister is apparently unaware of some very basic biology?
Adam, London, UK

I always thought that the stork (Wednesday's letters), left babies under gooseberry bushes.
Emma, Jersey

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