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16:01 UK time, Thursday, 18 March 2010

Nigeria's acting leader is called Goodluck Jonathan? Is this a case, not of nominative determinism, but nominative optimism?
Katherine, Canberra, Australia

This story (Man used penis to assault female police officer) is physically probable only if the officer was a midget, or the antagonist was a giant.
busybee, leh

So, I have to ask Ross in #10 of "Silliest job titles" - are you still Scottish or have your Scots credentials somehow expired?
Nadja, Bostonian in Moscow, Russia

Forget the sex of paper monitor, we now know that s/he is a cryptic crossword aficionado. Is s/he married?
Ian, Winchester, UK

Gareth Bob Thomas (Wednesday letters), I think people probably know what ice cubes are used for. The point is that they are only frozen water - you can make them yourself in the freezer for nothing.
Tommy Scragend, Wigan

Iain (Wednesday letters). I would like to know who first realised you could milk a cow, and what they thought they were doing at the time?
Anne R, Fareham, UK

Peter of Swindon (Wednesday letters): Yes there is an uglier latin derived word, the word "pulchritude" which, ironically enough means beauty - something you would never guess. I doubt that anyone who didn't know the word would be pleased to be described as a woman of extreme pulchritude.
Ray, Turku, Finland

Having read and appreciated today's letters, could the Monitor consider borrowing an idea from that bookface site? It would be great if we could have a "like" option under each letter, with an interactive display of the most liked letters... It might help predict whether an unremarkable letter about averages will start a new debate.
Alex, London, UK

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