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13:18 UK time, Friday, 5 March 2010

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The Journey.

Sounds like an album title, and if Paper Monitor was ever in a band it could be its first album. But it could be too late. The name has been nabbed by the other PM, (well former anyway), Tony Blair for the title of his memoirs, which will be published later this year.

"Some people will see the The Journey as a brilliant title while others will think it's just a clever PR job playing to the X Factor generation," writes psychologist Gladeana McMahon in the Daily Mirror.

Ah yes. The X Factor generation. "It's been an emotional journey," coo all the contestants as they're voted off the show. Is it the right title for Tony Blair's book though?

"It's an interesting title," continues Ms McMahon. "We often use the word journey to describe our lives, especially as we get older and look back on how we've moved from one place to another."

Sticking closely to the dictionary definition of a journey, Ms McMahon offers some spiritual insight too, "some might say even after we die we're still on a journey". Philosophical perhaps. Or maybe a little too morbid.

Over at The Guardian we discover use of the title is far from original. It has already been chosen by Donna Summer to describe her collection of disco classics and was the name of a 1959 film starring Deborah Kerr and Yul Bryner.

But before the disco music is turned up at Monitor Towers, perhaps more thought should be put into the content of the book.

All Mr Blair will give away is that he has "tried to write a book which describes the human as much as the political dimensions of life as a prime minister". The Guardian's John Crace has written his own version of what might feature in the book.

The Independent asks whether Mr Blair will hold back? Will he reveal the truth over his often turbulent relationship with Gordon Brown, it ponders.

Over at The Sun, there are other serious questions which demand answers. Like, has the picture on the cover been airbrushed? "The front cover of the book shows a remarkably wrinkle-free Mr Blair," writes Kevin Schofield.

Westminster seems to have developed an obsession with airbrushing. Paper Monitor remembers the comments made about those David Cameron posters earlier in the year. Somewhat ironic then that politicians are calling for logos to be added to airbrushed pictures.

At least then we'd know.

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