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14:32 UK time, Friday, 12 February 2010

I have noticed more often than not that news programmes show the Union Flag being displayed "upside down". Now I know that it is not the BBC's actions but, could not our World renowned broadcaster please indicate to the masses - including the rest of the world - the proper orientation of our Flag. Only this morning I saw it being brandished upside down by our Olympic standard bearer.
Archibald Murray, Wishaw

"There's always a mad dash to the maternity ward before a mother gives birth" - no there isn't. After the swift arrival of child number one involving a mad dash at Friday rush hour, we chose an NHS homebirth for child number two. Essential equipment delivered a couple of weeks before and the midwives did the travelling. Much happier all round and no CCTV!
Kirsty, East Lothian

Re:Frisbee inventor Walter Frederick Morrison dies aged 90. I trust his soul will fly up towards heaven, hit a tree and bestuck there for all eternity?
Sue, London

Can I propose Image 8 of these
for a Caption Competition ?
Paul Greggor, London

Regarding this Love Creep bird thing story, I see a magpie every morning, if I see him again on Sunday, will I marry a thief?
Suzie, London

What's the question? Dunno. You've got me stumped!
Sarah Latymer-Rae, Uckfield, East Sussex

Lewis Graham (Thursday Letters) You forgot to say "i'll get my coat" at the end of your letter!
Ian, Kent

Oh Monitor, dear Monitor. About those missing letters [and other instances]. With your gracious acceptance of praise and your deft deflection and ducking of blame, you must be a man,yes? And now I shall stand firm and upright and take the responses right on the chin, just like a real woman.

Re: TED attendees: "What does the world need?" Love, sweet love?
Ralph, Cumbria

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