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15:05 UK time, Tuesday, 9 February 2010

So they found a body wrapped in a carpet buried in Manchester city centre. "It was treated as non suspicious". Really?!
Tom Webb, Surbiton, UK

Having just read the article on Sikh Kirpan daggers - and I'm left with one question. What is "toleration"? It sounds like something my gran would say instead of swearing.
Ian, York

Kit Kat v Banana. You forgot to tell us the winner!
Richard Place, Barnstaple

Snack stand-off. The most hilarious article I have read in a long time. Snack top trumps, anyone?
Jo K, London

What make a great TV theme tune? It is, as with annoying pop songs, a simple case of it being catchy. I'd like to raise both Ski Sunday and Rugby Special as two tunes that seem to have lodged themselves permanently in my head - and both for some reason evoke the sports and the colours of the sports in question with the rhythm, as well as the melody. The tune that's most influenced me though is the one to "Crown Court" (which may be called "Distant Hills"). It impressed me enough to have considered it for one of the tunes I'd have used at my wedding! Soft, melodic, haunting, and quite simple.
Ian Oliver @BBC News Magazine

Regarding the Daily Mini-Quiz. I actually wear two hospital gowns. One the right way, and one the wrong way, therefore, all covered.
Iain F MacMillan @BBC News Magazine

Is the BBC costcutting? I'm sure this is the same pregant woman as this - just a different crop on the picture.
K, edinburgh

Is it me, or has John Culshaw bought West Ham football club?
Ed, Wakefield

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