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16:26 UK time, Friday, 5 February 2010

When I was a little lad, my imaginary friend Winston and I had our own language. To preserve this I have decided to send this missive so that it may be stored on the Great Magazine Monitor Database and live on should I meet an untimely end. It is a simple language, consisting of only three words:
Perkyflump, noun - grown-up who doesn't understand that some children do not like sprouts and will not eat them no matter how many times they insist they are "good for you".
Miyagithon, noun - pencil-based game for poor children in which several pencils (and the occasional pen) battle using derivative forms of various martial arts. The winner is known as The Miyagitor.
Brattlement, noun - feeling of impotent rage felt by older brothers towards younger sisters when they insist on being irritating because they know the big brother will get in lots of trouble if he hits them with his Millennium Falcon.
Dylan, Reading, UK

Nostalgia. What is it good for? (@BBC News Magazine)
Absolutely nothing.
Daniel Younghusband

Say it again.
Jude Brindley

Damon Scott

War, huh, yeah...
Anita Thomson

What is it good for?
Sharon Barrett

Absolutely nothing!
Lindsey Martin

Seeing Why do shops leave the lights on at night reminded me of the French group Clan du Neon, who save the shops the trouble of switching them off and go around at night doing it for them.
Steven, Stretford

Re artificial limb envy - as yet, I don't know of anyone who has purposefully cut off a limb in order to perform better in athletics.
Katherine, Canberra, Australia

Doesn't this explain how this happens?
Ashley Brown, Croydon, UK

Does anybody else get annoyed when the BBC use the new (version 7 or 8) internet explorer logo for a story relating to ie 6?
PB, London

Sarah (Wednesday letters), the picture in question was not actually of the wronged woman given the pseudonym "Shaheeda Khan". It was of the family lawyer, Aina Khan. But unless you hovered your cursor over the picture, you weren't to know that.
James, Stockport, UK

Re Bear Grylls' claim about the camel (Quote of the Day): he's getting mixed up with The Empire Strikes Back. Remember your light sabre next time, mate.
Alastair, Uddingston, UK

Re double-yolkers, my dad used to get trays of 24 eggs from the farmer close to where he worked. They were almost all double yolkers - apparently a law states he cannot sell them so we got them free. They were fab.
Emma, Blackpool

So, did Rebecca eat *all* of those scrummy eggs? Herself? Can't help wondering what her cholesterol level is...
Oh, all right then, I'm starving. And envious.
Susan Thomas, Brisbane, Australia

Jacob (Thursday letters) - yes, you must keep going with Mad Men. I love it so much that I now pretty much always order an Old Fashioned whenever I'm in a swanky bar, just because that's what they drink on Mad Men. (It turns out, by the way, bartenders everywhere hate making Old Fashioneds.)
Nicky Stu, Highbury, London

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