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17:08 UK time, Tuesday, 26 January 2010

"Other birds may nest-hop like avian Colin Farrells" (Paper Monitor, Tuesday) - does this mean that there is more than one Colin Farrell? If that is the case, I would like to put my name down now to claim one of the delightful creatures as my own. Thanking you muchly.
Emily Parry, Portsmouth, UK

I've always understood that when Van Gogh lived in London, his name was written down in the register of the church he attended. It would have been written down as he said it, and I believe that it was written down as Van Goff. That might not be the precise spelling of the name in the church register, but certainly suggests that Vincent said his name with the "ff" at the end.
Nicola, Basing, England

As an MA Fine Art Student I often avoid referring to artists I can't pronounce, in an oral session at least, rather than face red-faced humiliation when I stumble. I was thinking about writing a book with the correct name pronounciations for those students such as myself or art enthusiasts... anyone want to contribute?
Amanda, Horley

Web Monitor, I think you mean turtles. That said Not the Nine o'clock news managed to change the collective noun for baboons to a whoop, maybe we collective power of the bbc can change the collective noun for turtles (or tortoises) to a ninja.
Sarah, Colchester

To the frustrated Kaylie (Monday letters): I think you mean "I didn't get *an* university education", but don't worry about it.
Joel Horne, Tokyo, Japan

Re: Kaylie from Runcorn. Its alright, for those of us who are doing a degree, the ability to express ourselves comes from all the practice at writing complaints letters to the student loan company, and starting Facebook campaigns on how badly run a course can be.
Chris K, Guildford

Andrew, (Letters, Monday) if you think you've got problems explaining the pronunciation of " the seaside resort Scheveningen or the Frisian island Schiermonnikoog", try going to the north Norfolk seaside town of Happisburgh and saying "It's lovely here in Happys-berg".
Jaye, Rutland, England

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