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16:34 UK time, Thursday, 28 January 2010

A celebration of the riches of the web.

Today on Web Monitor: Ozzy Osbourne's kind of autobiography, the source of a Hollywood producer's outburst and slum chic.

Ozzy Osbourne• Ozzy Osbourne has been promoting his autobiography. Actually, perhaps "autobiography" is not the mot juste, since none of it was written by Osbourne. Talking to Cole Louison at GQ he admitted (in his usual colourful language) that he never put pen to paper. Otherwise he wouldn't have got anywhere:

"I'd still be writing the first page. I got a ghostwriter, Chris [Ayres], and he was relatively easy to work with. I have a thousand and one stories, so went pretty quickly. We actually had enough for two books."

Web Monitor previously mentioned an outburst from Hollywood producer Harvey Weinstein in the blog Letters of Note. The letter complained that director Errol Morris was so boring in an interview promoting his film that there may be need for an actor to play him in future. Now blogger Jason Kottke has tracked down what seems likely to be the NPR radio interview which provoked such a reaction.

• Believe it or not, slums are fast becoming fashionable among town planners, Stewart Brand at Prospect magazine reports. Praised for their "walkability", if not their hygiene and living standards, they are also noted for their thriving business life:

"Alleyways in squatter cities, for example, are a dense interplay of retail and services -- one-chair barbershops and three-seat bars interspersed with the clothes racks and fruit tables. One proposal is to use these as a model for shopping areas."

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