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12:27 UK time, Friday, 29 January 2010

A service highlighting the riches of the daily press.

On Thursday, an editorial in the Guardian assessed Apple's new creation, the iPad, and concluded: "Is that it?"

Clearly not, given the six pages devoted to it in Friday's paper, which asks, without a hint of irony: "Much ado about nothing?" This is in addition to the many, many column inches it devoted to the topic on Thursday.

As the Magazine pointed out yesterday, Wednesday was a bad day for a good product launch.

The Guardian's coverage today runs to:

Paper Monitor would inform you, lovely reader, of their conclusions. But by this stage your humble columnist feels rather as if it has swallowed a bucket of syrup and needs to wash its delicate pallate with something quite bitter.

How fortunate that Marina Hyde's Lost in Showbiz - a saloon bar specialising in delicious acerbic cocktails - is just a few pages away.

Which to choose from the menu? Perhaps a tall, cool shot at famous waistlines - straight up, no ice:

"It is an immutable law that there is only a finite amount of fat in the celebrity universe, which can be neither created nor destroyed. It can be merely transferred from one star to another, and chronicling that endless migration is worth over £38bn annually to the celebrity magazine economy.
The exodus of subcutaneous lipids from former EastEnders stars is a particularly fascinating sight - in fact, it helps to think of it as the industry's wildebeest migration."

Ahhhh - a refreshing draught indeed!

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