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16:03 UK time, Wednesday, 30 December 2009

It's nice to know "New Year's Eve is expected to be cold and dry for most revellers", but does anyone know what the weather forecast is for people like me, who plan to just stay at home and have a nice early night?
Adam, London, UK
Monitor note: Conditions are perfect, Adam.

Just seen (mini) Easter Eggs in our local supermarket. Happy Christmas.
Mark Statman Steele @BBC News Magazine

My local supermarket is selling Christmas decorations ALREADY! Is this a record?
Colin Main, Berkhamsted, UK

I thought we might have had at least a photo with Loose pigs on motorway rounded up.
Paul Greggor, London

Re the correct pronunciation of 2010 (Tuesday letters). What year did World War II end? Nineteen thousand and forty-five? Thought not. It's only been commonplace to use the full number for the past decade. The real question is why did we go from nineteen ninety-nine to two thousand?
Impy, Sandhurst

I believe the way to say it is two-10 . It should still be written with the zero.
Greg Warner, Jakarta, Indonesia

Why don't we all do what I'm going to do and call next year two thousand and ten? That way there's no "twennie" to worry about.
Kimberley, Nevada, US

There's only one way to find out... FIGHT!
Lee, Wolverhampton

So, Adam (Tuesday letters), are you suggesting under-18s and over-60s should really be in full-time employment? I'm sure there are people who believe child labour might help bring us out of the recession, but I suspect they are in a distinct minority. In other words, I'm going to suggest that the writer of that article meant 7.9% of the working (or should-be-working) population.
Hugh, London

Taking into account all the aliases and pseudonyms used, the contributor with the most wins in the Caption Competition in 2009 goes to Rob Falconer with 24 captions, followed by Simon Rooke with 23, Sean Smith with 19, Richard Jenkinson (Stig) with 12 and Candace Sleeman with 8.
And for the WBQ, the most selected was Candace with 12, then Simon Rooke with 10, Rob Falconer with 6 and Catherine Osborn and Helene Parry on 3 apiece.
There are other regular contributors who may well feel they should be included in these lists, or whose multiple personalities should be totalled together. All errors and omissions are not the responsibility of the BBC and any complaints should be directed to me.
Simon Rooke @BBC News Magazine

Re T2's what to wear (Paper Monitor). What kind of fool spends £755 on an outfit for "staying in"? I thought we were in a recession.
Anna, UK

Paper Monitor asks what we'll wear on New Year's Eve. I'll no doubt be wearing a suit and tie as I'm working, hoping to give pleasure to about 60 guests on a murder weekend.
MWPayne @BBC_magazine

Turkey sandwich anyone?
Shiz, Cheshire, UK

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