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Your Letters

11:26 UK time, Thursday, 24 December 2009

Regarding: Has ice-skating and Gluhwein eclipsed carol singing and mince pies? Why is it necessary to choose between them? This Christmas I have enjoyed all of the above.
Matthew Benson

If I might make a modest suggestion to the producers of the next (and thankfully, last) series of Celebrity Big Brother, why not film it in Boy George's house? Problem solved.
Angus Gafraidh, London, UK

Sorry Adam (Wednesday's letters) (and PM), writing the word 'titter' does not constitute penning a letter. Stay in after school! (Guffaw)
graham, purmerend, netherlands

Re Rob (Wednesday's letters). It is a "stress-down" release attempt while realising you still have loads to do. Surely Christmas would feel unfulfilled without the stressed-up phenomina. "O.K. dear I'm coming now..."
Tim, Wales

Will anyone believe me if I say I got 52/52 on the 2009 Quiz - including the picture link? No? Well, Happy Holidays anyway.
Sarah, Trieste, Italy

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