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15:39 UK time, Tuesday, 22 December 2009

Is the quiz rigged? Twice I selected the correct answer, but it said "no, sorry, the correct answer is [the answer I selected]". Technical hitch, or do you not want me to achieve a perfect score?
Maggie, London
Monitor note: Sorry. This was fixed within minutes, but for some users the correction seems not to have made it through. Click refresh and try again?

Away in the office
Wishing he was still in bed
The Little Lord David
Laid down his bored head

The manager in her office
Looked down where he lay
The little Lord David
Asleep on his In-Tray

The telephone is ringing
Poor employee awakes
And little Lord David
Sad faces he makes.
David Infense, Adelaide, Australia

Volcano on verge of eruption in Philippines - about 50,000 lives at risk. Why no mention on BBC News? What else are you missing, lying in snips on the cutting-room floor? Is the X Factor such a newsworthy priority to news editors?
Chris, Winchester
Monitor note: Chris, you missed here and here.

I like the fact this article uses the word "lobbed" rather than "threw".
Liam, Northampton

In response to Paper Monitor's note, can I add the BBC News headlines: "Snowfall delays Christmas getaway" and "Snow and ice cause more problems"?
Christmas cheer indeed.
David, Cannock, UK

I've been upset by you revealing the number of calories in a mince pie on the mini-quiz.
stuartridout @BBC_Magazine

How can the BBC have a "Snow Special" on the news when I've only got a bit of a frozen puddle outside the office?
andywhite @BBC_Magazine

Two for Web Monitor:
My wife's gone to Italy.
Course I do, she's my wife.

My wife's off to see the frozen wastes of America.
Why - don't you believe me?
G SIMS, Wakefield, England

Having read the two letters from Ed of Clacton (Monday letters), the phrase "dead man typing" springs to mind.
Chris, Paris, France

You asked for festive superstitions (Monday letters):
Turkey on Christmas Day.
Ham on Boxing Day.
Steak Pie on New Years Eve.
Venison on New Years Day.
Any diversion from these will lead to ruin and destruction for all concerned. We're not sure why, but tradition is tradition.
Andrew, Glasgow

I was going to post all the Monitorites a card, but I've missed the last post. Could you pass on my regards to everybody?
Yours Festively etc etc.
Andrew, Malvern, UK
Monitor note: Thank you. And you. Are you going for that Christmas drink with Kat?

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