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16:22 UK time, Friday, 18 December 2009

Glad to see the spirit of Punorama is still alive and well for half the winning entries of today's Caption Competition...
Pix6, Vienna, Austria

Kerry Rose's letter is indeed one of the funniest ever. I do feel, though, that I should point out that it is slightly factually incorrect - there is no Pontin's in Llandudno.
Jim, Snowy Crowborough

Kerry Rose's round robin letter: Thank you, thank you, thank you. Laughing my head off and scaring my colleagues was probably the best way to finish the workday before the Christmas break. I whole-heartedly vote for this as the best letter of the year.
Katherine, Canberra, Australia

If two men had been flashing to women they'd have been arrested straight away. But as the flashers are women, it's in the "funny" section instead (Paper Monitor).
Rhys, Manchester

Hello. I've been away from the computer. Are we still on Porridge Watch?
John D Rockhill, The Sonoran Desert, Arizona, US

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