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16:06 UK time, Monday, 14 December 2009

I wonder if I'm the only one to read "London retailers toast sales rise" on the England news page and wonder why toast sales are on the up and how are they being counted? Disappointment followed when I opened the story to find that I shall probably never know the vital sales statistics of toast.
HannaH, UK

Pascal (Letters, Wednesday), I think you'll find the '0' to which the noughties refer is actually the '0' before the '9' in 2009. The fact that 2010 *ends* in a zero is irrelevant. It will still be the start of the 'tens' decade.
Grace, Wellingborough, UK

Love the poster of the things / words / people of the decade. But for some reason, I mistook Simon Cowell for Alan Titchmarsh.
KC, Manchester

What on earth is the deal with the portraits of our faces of the decade?
I fail to see the artistic merit of a portrait where the subject is unidentifiable without additional information; but even given the subjectivity of my opinion, surely such a visually stimulating piece would have benefitted from suitably recongisable faces.

Roger Federer looks like Worzel Gummidge!
Ralph, UK

Does anyone else think that Mr Marks perhaps ended up with the wrong company and should have teamed up with Mr Spencer instead?
Basil Long, Nottingham

Is it more energy-efficient to leave the lights on or to switch them off every time you leave the room?
Margaret, Christchurch, NZ


Kailyn LeAnne, Kentucky, USA

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