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16:57 UK time, Thursday, 3 December 2009

phone226.jpgI see you are using the image of an American telephone for your piece on telecommunications in the UK. Could you perhaps use an image of the GPO 746 instead, the standard UK telephone for about 30 years? I know the American 500 series you have on the front page is nice and shiny, but it is a piece about UK telephones.
Tom Cafferkey, UK

Re: No sail zone. They reckon that Piracy and Prostitution are two oldest "professions" which will always exist.
Maral Islamova@BBC_Magazine

What about farming? i'm not sure about the future of hunting, but what about farming as one of the oldest professions? Maybe that's not older than piracy but still as great in importance, if not more.
Ubayd Maldito R@BBC_Magazine

Bigger than a small dog? Does this mean he is smaller than a big dog?
Jenn, Porthcawl

Brazen hussy! Ooh, you're right, that is good.
Rob Foreman, London, UK

I think Paper Monitor's a bit of a brazen hussy itself... Rrrrr indeed.
Phil, Oxford

Thanks Magazine for telling us that 07700 900000-07700 900999 are fictional mobile numbers. Now my pesky mates can give those out to blokes they've pulled but don't want to see again rather than MY number!
Kate, York, UK

Caroline Brown (Wednesday's letters), they're also just as easy to put into a bin as chewing gum.
SL, London

Candace (Wednesday's letters), the Welsh alphabet does not include the letters j, k, q, v, x or z. I'll get fy nghot.
Kathy, Caerphilly

7/7 on Dialling Codes - I'm a nerd!
Paul Clare, Marlow, UK

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