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Weekly Bonus Question

11:02 UK time, Friday, 18 December 2009

Welcome to the Weekly Bonus Question.

Each week the news quiz 7 days 7 questions will offer an answer. You are invited to suggest what the question might have been.

Suggestions should be sent using the COMMENTS BOX IN THIS ENTRY. And since nobody likes a smart alec, kudos will be deducted for predictability in your suggestions.

This week's answer is ODDS OF 2-1. But what's the question?

UPDATE 1650 GMT: The correct question is, what are the current odds of a white Christmas in both London and Glasgow?

Of your amusingly but totally wrong suggestions, we liked:

  • West_London_Willy's I have two brothers. My mother will descend on one of us on Christmas Day, meaning no Bond film, no snooze after lunch, The Queen's Speech in all it's HD glory, and the need to stay sober to drive her home afterwards. What are the odds of a Merry Christmas for me?
  • Valerie Ganne's What are the chances of the BBC showing Saw IV at Christmas lunch-time?
  • MorningGlories' Yes, but what are the odds he actually IS a betting man?
  • Candace9839's What's the ratio of black to blue socks after doing the washing?
  • SimonRooke's What are the chances I'll get the coffee one when offered a chocolate this Christmas?
  • The_same_Eddie-George's What was recently voted most confusing racehorse name ever?
  • feralkitten's What are the odds the brussels will overwhelm the spuds in my Boxing Day bubble and squeak?
  • And CraigyD's What was the original name of the film Twins?



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