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Weekly Bonus Question

09:10 UK time, Friday, 4 December 2009

Welcome to the Weekly Bonus Question.

Each week the news quiz 7 days 7 questions will offer an answer. You are invited to suggest what the question might have been.

Suggestions should be sent using the COMMENTS BOX IN THIS ENTRY. And since nobody likes a smart alec, kudos will be deducted for predictability in your suggestions.

This week's answer is A 5p TOLL. But what's the question?

UPDATED 1713 GMT: The correct question is, how much are cars charged to cross a bridge in Oxfordshire that has just sold at auction for £1m? (More details)

Of your imaginatively wrong questions, we especially liked:

  • Gee 8ch Dee's What would kill off spam e-mails?
  • Iain Macleod's What should be mandatory before commenting on a reality TV show near me?
  • cowgirlsally's Where pennies from heaven might come in handy?
  • BeckySnow's What self-imposed tax for getting another glass of wine from the fridge is proving totally ineffective?
  • Clarence_E_Pitts' What is my number plate?
  • ARoseByAnyOther's Well, what ransom ARE you willing to pay to get the missus back from the pirates?


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