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11:42 UK time, Wednesday, 9 December 2009

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So how high does Richard Branson's edge-of-space craft, launched in a marketing if not a literal sense, on Tuesday, actually go?

"Virgin joins 70-mile-high club with launch of spaceship" - the Independent

"80-MILE-HIGH CLUB" - Daily Mirror

In the erudite press, coverage of Branson's VSS Enterprise, as the craft is called, is dwarfed by what's been happening at the Copenhagen climate conference.

But the Daily Express might have been better using an image of the rocket-powered Enterprise than the much maligned cooling towers it has teamed with its Copenhagen coverage.

Of course, the BBC needs to declare an interest here - a couple of months ago the BBC Trust upheld a complaint about Panorama in which it had paired commentary about CO2 emissions with images of cooling towers.

While images of those huge conical towers seemingly spewing out smoke appear to make a powerful eco statement, the truth is that isn't smoke billowing out the top, but water vapour.

Clearly a case of where there's mist there's no fire.

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