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11:38 UK time, Monday, 7 December 2009

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Newspapers have long practised syndication as a means of making their content go further, but the Guardian seems to be breaking new ground today with an editorial that also appears in 55 other newspapers around the world. Media moguls with an eye to economies of scale will doubtless be rubbing their hands - could this be the answer to all our woes... just one newspaper for the world's entire population?guardian_226.gif

The front page editorial is such a big deal for the Guardian, it has given over almost its entire front page* to the column.

Unfortunately, at least for those fretting about the alleged toxicity of one of this year's best selling Christmas presents, Mr Squiggles, the Go Go Hamster is not the subject at the heart of this impressive exercise in global consensus forming.

In fact, it's the UN summit on climate change in Copenhagen, which starts on Monday.

The Guardian is more than a tad pleased with the syndicated leader, particularly as it was the prime mover in getting it organised.

And bearing in mind the juvenile kick Paper Monitor gets from newspapers writing about themselves, deputy editor Ian Katz's article about how the project was co-ordinated makes fascinating reading.

No "first-rank US paper" was willing to sign up, British-Italian relations were hardly enhanced by a glancing reference to "what your dad did during the War", and one American paper - which remains nameless - responded to a request to take part by telling the Brits to "Go to hell".

If global warming is as bad as some predict, that might not be such a hike after all.

*A committed environmentalist would find it hard to fault the Guardian's efforts today, except perhaps for the only other feature on the paper's front page - Helen Mirren-designed wrapping paper. Can gift wrap ever be synonymous with green politics?

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