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15:47 UK time, Friday, 23 October 2009

Re 1.5m pensioners 'overpaying tax': 1.5m people paying £250m over 8-9 years works out at just over £1.50 a month. Scandalous!
Dan, Derby

Surely we're not the ONLY country on "Portuguese" time.
Dan, Cambridge

"It's not clear what caused the attack". Really? Not clear? Lord help us all.
Eric, Bristol

Surely drunk girl and drunk girl II are one and the same, just pictured at different stages of inebriation on different evenings? The only difference seems to be boots for DG and shoes for DGII.
Boots, Epsom

Martin (Thursday's letters), yes I have. That's how we roll.
Aaron Boardley, Bath (formerly of Reading), UK

In the weekly quiz I got 7/7 last week and 0/7 this week - what does this say about me?
EC, London

Oooh, all this talk of wine gums has given me a massive craving...
Liz, Belfast

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