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15:58 UK time, Thursday, 22 October 2009

"Postmen/women voted for a strike because Royal Mail management over years have not invested in new frontline delivery equipment" bemoans "postman" of Coventry on Have Your Say. What, like robotic hands?
Ben Merritt, Sheffield, England

"Bright yellow warning signs alert you to wayward kangaroos, wombats and even kangaroos on the way." Kangaroos, and even kangaroos, eh? Additional bonus point: referring to the someone as the 'driving force' behind the golf course's creation.
HS, Cambridge

Dr David Whitehouse, a space scientist and author: "I thought this was a way, not only to get in touch between astronauts and ordinary people, but to get down with the kids. "Down with the kids?" Oh dear lord, has anyone actually said that since the late sixties?
Martin, Bristol, UK

But, they're not blue.
Jude, Melbourne, Australia

Can I just say that whoever titled this particular article has provided me with enough poetic inspiration for the next three years? However, the story in itself was a bit disappointing.
Kailyn, Kentucky, USA

As amazing as the photo is, I was expecting something a bit more dramatic after reading the headline.
Jen, Oxford, UK

It may be boring but it's not bad for your teeth!
Ralph, Cumbria

Re: Paper Monitor. How dare they say the girl in a Cardiff street is knickerless! It can get very cold of an evening in the Welsh capital, so she has clearly decided to wear two pairs, and is in the process of changing her mind.
Rob, Not too near Cardiff

She has defected!
M. Ross, Lancaster, UK

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