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16:01 UK time, Tuesday, 20 October 2009

I take it I missed the meeting then?
AndyS, Blackpool
Monitor note: Not to worry, you can catch up here.

Out of Office AutoReply: Strategy Proposals for identifying optimum timings for workplace symposia.
I am out of the office now until 7:30am 21st October 2009.
For any urgent enquiries, please leave a message on the letters page.
Thank You.
Andrew, Malvern, UK

I gather that the Canadian government tried to drag back the "work-life balance" by instituting, under normal working conditions, the 4-5-6 system. No major meetings after 4pm; most staff to have left at 5pm; all staff to have left by 6pm (allowing for crises and so on). Enquiries of friends and colleagues as to whether this works has brought very un-Canadian harrumphing to the fore.
Phil McCarty, London, UK

Ha ha! Keith Harris and Overell. Do I win a prize?
Graeme, Dundee, Scotland

Nice to see the headline writers giving their honest opinion of this story.
Suzy, Portsmouth

Big TV screens? Along with leather sofas and plate glassing the back of the house... all useful clues to a way of life one might want to avoid.
Mary Woodward, St Albans

You speak absolute tosh, Mr Tomlinson (Tuesday's Quote of the Day) some of the best funerals I have attended were totally atheist in character. Might I suggest that you decline to attend funerals where the deceased was not a believer and point the grieving relatives in the direction of a humanist celebrant.
Alan Addison, Glasgow, UK

Facebook comment of the day: Presumably Mr Tomlinson's there because he was asked to be. As far as I know vicars don't randomly turn up to funerals but are asked to take them by funeral directors and/or families. The problem may be with finding people who aren't ministers of religion to conduct secular services, leading to a problem of the leader and the participants having different ideas about what a funeral is for.
Mel Eyeons

If Paper Monitor always feels as though he/she/it has the best job in the world... is that not starting to get a little "samey"?
Basil Long, Nottingham

My entry for this week's Caption Competition will be "No, I said TWO sugars". Can you make sure the photo fits this time? Thanks.
Lee Pike, Auckland, New Zealand

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