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16:16 UK time, Thursday, 15 October 2009

Far be it from me to want to contradict such a man as the inventor of the world wide web, but surely the double forward slash indicates the end of the protocol (http, ftp) part and the beginning of the host part (e.g. of the URL? If anything, it would seem to make more sense to remove the colon part of the URL just after the protocol - since the double forward slash indicates the start of a string that is delimited by single forward slashes?
PB, London

As previously mentioned in this week's letters, we will be including comments from Facebook and Twitter. Here's one from Anne Till about the topic mentioned above:
My job, a Second Officer, is always abbreviates to 2/O so I guess that's a use. 2.O just plain wouldn't look right so horrah for the oblique slash.

Man jailed for letting girl smoke tells us twice that Mr Conroy is "of no fixed address". Is this strictly true, given that his address will be fairly certain for the next several months?
Ken, Chelsmford

Mark (Wednesday's letters), I have another sentence which can make your eyes water in a "hang on, I think I've almost got it" sort of way. Here they say "I could care less", rather than "I couldn't care less". It makes me want to sit down and draw a Venn Diagram.
Rachel, Minnetonka

All noun headline?
Tom Webb, Surbiton, UK

Leona Lewis 'okay' after attack - do readers know *why* 'okay' became a word when 'OK' is shorter (and I believe a shortening of 'Orl Korrekt')? Or why youths of today (I'm old remember - see my lawnmower letter) shorten it to 'k'?
Ed, Clacton, UK

And who exactly is Leona Lewis?
Jan Davies, Nuneaton

To @niphette (Wednesday's letters) Yes.
Jimmy , Dorking, UK

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