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12:29 UK time, Monday, 26 October 2009

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Monsieur Mohan, you are spoiling us with your drunk girls.

Last week, Paper Monitor noted how the icon de jour of licentiousness, Drunk Girl - for the uninitiated, a picture of a woman lying prostrate on a city-centre bench with a couple of empty alcopop bottles at her feet - had potentially been usurped by a new rival to the throne... let's call her Drunker Girl.

The latter was snapped in a short skirt staggering through a city centre, her underwear down at her ankles.

Now, the Sun, under the stewardship of relatively new editor Dominic Mohan, has literally and figuratively gone to town(s) with the idea.

"Carnage on the streets as girls go wild" is the headline, set against pictures of inebriated young women in town centres from Plymouth to Newcastle.

The main picture could almost be a study of 21st Century binge culture. A woman in Cardiff is pictured leaning forward as she steadies herself with one hand, and clutches her handbag with the other. She is, in the vernacular of her age group, parking a pavement pizza.

There's another picture of her slumped next to a wall, talking into her mobile phone as police officers tend to her.

But the good people of Cheltenham might feel a little aggrieved at their town being featured in this gallery of shame.

While Drunk Girl Newcastle is snapped being led away by police and Drunk Girl Windsor is pictured being wrestled to the ground by officers of the law, in Cheltenham the women pictured are doing nothing more than, er, wearing short skirts.

That's a pretty minor infringement of sartorial norms compared with the woman from Daventry, pictured four pages earlier, who is named as Kelly, is aged 19 and is, of course, the main draw on page 3.

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