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11:54 UK time, Thursday, 22 October 2009

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It's not every day a star is born, but today is one of those days. She's in most of the papers. In fact, it's hard to avoid the almost full-page pictures of her in the Sun and the Daily Mail.

But will she be opening the newspapers this morning with smile on her face. Erm, probably not. Forget Cheryl Cole being the new face of L'Oreal or Lily Allen the new face of Chanel, this young woman has just become the latest pin up for female binge drinking.

Arms aloft, short dress on and knickers round her ankles, the young women is dancing in the street after a night out in Cardiff.

The Sun and the Daily Mail are equally outraged by her antics. "Safe drinking levels for women? KNICKERS TO THAT!" is the headline in the Sun and "The streets of no shame" is what the Mail uses. It continues with:

Maybe she thinks it's the drink that is preventing her from putting one foot in front of the other. Or perhaps she knows the vulgar truth and is merely trying to impress her friends. Either way, the sight is certainly not an edifying one. This shrieking ladette was photographed staggering through Cardiff city centre late on Friday night.

If she thought she had a headache when she woke up the next day, boy, has she got an even bigger one now. For years to come her picture will probably accompany every story about the fall of civilised society as we know it.

Dedicated Monitor letter readers will know this was the fate of the girl known only as Drunk Girl. Just look at the Indepedent website today. But maybe she can now rest easy, as of today she is so five minutes ago. Drunk Girl II has arrived.

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