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14:19 UK time, Tuesday, 15 September 2009

Is it really a good idea for the Americans to announce they have created a spy robot that can jump fences over 25 feet high? All the enemy has to do now is to make all its walls just that little bit higher.
Rob Falconer, Llandough, Wales

BBC, did you really have to illustrate that article on changing language with the photograph of that *nasty* creepy-crawly object? Some of us here are arachnophobes, you know.
Danie Jones, Cambridge, England

Re this story: Professor Norman Pace? Are you serious?! Good to see him back in the public eye after languishing in obscurity for so long.
Robert Phillips, Auckland, NZ (formerly Cardiff, UK)

On the subject of green BBQs. Charcoal is carbon neutral as all the CO2 you are releasing was only recently taken out of the atmosphere by the trees used to produce the charcoal in the first place. The CO2 released when burning gas was removed millions of years ago.
Mark Young, Derby

I am slightly unsure what exactly the £5.25 swine flu payment to GPs is for. Do they incur an overtime payment, require a sales incentive or an insurance risk compensation due to the increased risk of contracting the virus.
Vanessa, London

Can I remind readers that if they like their Christmas Day sprouts well done, they need to get them on to boil by tomorrow?
Leif, Aylesbury, UK

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