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16:03 UK time, Monday, 14 September 2009

I don't feel that people take enough advantage of the BBC's policy to pronounce their names in the way that they wish. Gordon Brown should announce one morning that he'd like his name to be pronounced "Persephone von Quetzalcoatl" and watch the newsreaders struggle.
Edward Green, London, UK

You could pronounce Coetzee as follow: The first part (COET) could be pronounced as the "cou" in uncouth sound , and the second part (ZEE) as the "se" part in serious, without pronouncing the R. Alternatively consider it is as "cou" l "d se" rious, pronouncing only that what is between the double apostrophes.
Pieter, Cobham

Re Swearing rap for Jeremy Kyle show: Was anyone else expecting some rhythmic profanities?
Rob, Worcester, UK

I know this isn't strictly a Magazine issue, bit isn't haddock a salt water fish (quote of the day)?
Janet, Winterbourne Stoke

My goodness, an illusionist played a trick on his audience? Surely not.
David Wilson, Coventry, UK

On the inverted comma war (Friday letters), I can accept the one in Bermuda Triangle plane mystery 'solved' as the article provides no solution whatsoever, merely supposition about a possible solution.
Ian, Redditch

Why are there adverts on the BBC News site now? Also it was quite a struggle finding the magazine (and the letter page). What is going on?
K Morrison, Rochester, UK
Monitor note: It would appear that you have somehow ended up with the international edition.

Aargh! Chemistry did not have the "most GCSE passes this year" (10 things). It had the highest A*-C pass percentage, which is not the same thing at all.
Joanne, Bracknell, UK

I fall into the Venn diagram section of:

  • watches Peep Show repeats
  • reads the Daily Mail on a Saturday because its telly pages are best
  • reads the independent when my student budget stretches to it
  • reads Paper Monitor
  • reads PM a day too late to reply to the original question

If I have any subset-mates, please let me know.
Louise, Surrey

Re the *BOB* v !BOB! discussion (Friday letters). I'm with the * brigade when it comes to emphasising words, but for singing I must admit I do like the Monitor's choice of ! which is also known as a shriek.
Ed, Clacton, UK

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