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16:14 UK time, Thursday, 3 September 2009

Re: Quote of the Day - I'm afraid you're bang wrong, Justin Holwell. To the best of my knowledge, no one else has the privilege of having a big, bright red question mark hovering in front of their private parts.
Ben Merritt, Sheffield, England

I don't own a television set - could someone who does please tell me if this story made it onto a televised news show, and if so what the expression adorning the face of the lucky individual who delivered it was?
Kat Gregg, Coventry

How on earth could "that is important because there are impostor Stornoway black puddings on the market" not be today's quote of the day?
Adam, London, UK

Disappointment again> I was rather hoping this was a report on chocolate getting its own back.
Sarah, London

No Helen (Wednesday's letters), because "clone" and "mutant" do not form a closed set. The third option is "hybrid".
Mark, Esdale Bridge

What else does Paper Monitor watch? It clearly likes Strictly Come Dancing, The Wire and The West Wing - three shows that I really enjoy. Is there anything else that Paper Monitor recommend?
Jacob, London

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