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16:23 UK time, Monday, 21 September 2009

A celebration of the riches of the web.

The rapper who has the president on speed-dial and the newsreader who leads the fight against said president rub shoulders only in Web Monitor. Share your favourite bits of the web by sending your links via the letters box to the right of this page.

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Rapper Jay-Z may seem like a surprising interviewee for Andrew Marr. But Jay-Z is politically connected - he reportedly has President Obama's number on speed-dial. He insists his view on healthcare for all doesn't make him left-wing:
"I think for a long time that a segment of the population has been underinsured and not taken care of. I think it's only right that everyone should have that - it's not socialist to think that way."
Marr asked how he justified the harshness of hip-hop to the president:
"There are hard truths in rap as well and they are not packaged and pretty with a ribbon on it. Sometimes the realities of the situation are harsh and they need to be told. Sometimes they are going to rub people the wrong way. That don't mean you don't tell it. Until all the inequalities are fixed - well that's utopia so that will never happen - but until those situations get better those stories need to be told."

Glenn Beck• An intriguing set of keywords are tagged to Salon's biography of Glenn Beck: Republican Party, Washington, Radio, Politics, Suicide, Cocaine, News, Mormons, and last but not least Glenn Beck.

The conservative news anchor Glenn Beck is a fiercely good ratings winner on the news channel Fox in the US and leader of the 9/12 campaign which aims to remind the American public how they felt the day after the 11 September attacks on the World Trade Center.

Alexander Zaitchik in Salon looks at how Beck rose to fame:

"Whatever else it may be, the Glenn Beck Story is a radio story. It begins in the early 1980s, decades before Beck's famous televised breakdowns, when a talented young DJ turned a fascination with Orson Welles into a successful career in the high-rolling here-today-gone-tomorrow world of Top 40 morning radio. It continues into the 1990s, when Beck made a name in talk radio by identifying the sole unoccupied niche in the industry: confessional, lighthearted, 'independent' conservatism. Now, in the new century, Beck has taken his radio formula to TV, and with it his bipolar unpredictability and maudlin dramatics."

Jennifer Aniston• How to get through this life is not something often talked about by actors, but Jennifer Aniston enters philosophical waters when asked what her goals are. Aniston insists in Showbiz Spy she never intended to be a celebrity, or even win awards:

"I've never had my eye on a prize. I really wanted to enjoy the passage of time."

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