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11:00 UK time, Tuesday, 15 September 2009

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There are some editorial decisions that prompt great soul searching among the journalistic fraternity.

Usually they centre on variations of the question: What is in the public interest?

Is it in the public interest to show a picture of a dying man? Is it in the public interest to report on the private life of a politician's family?

So with all these difficult questions, journalists love it when they get an easier question. In this case: What shall we do with this court case of a "society beauty" accused of getting drunk and cavorting with a man on an airliner?

And the answer of course is: We shall put it on the front page.

The Daily Mirror go rather big with the headline "MILE HIGH JINKS". They also report with relish that the defendant "stripped to her knickers and let her toddler son run around without a nappy".

And the Daily Telegraph? If you were editor, where would you put the picture of the comely defendant? The picture dominates the front page of course. It's a whopping 12x5 inches.

But the best picture is inside in the Daily Mirror and it's not of the "society beauty" defendant. It's of a sunglasses-wearing pilot and four uniformed hostesses from Kingfisher Airlines - upon whose craft the alleged incident took place - arriving at court in what looks like a wonderful pastiche of Virgin Atlantic's recent anniversary advert.

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