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15:01 UK time, Monday, 31 August 2009

Who, following Laurie Taylor's article on early dinner, suddenly felt that egg and chips would be just the thing for tea that evening?
Simon Rooke, Nottingham

The average life-span of a pint glass is three months (10 things)? They only last about 15 minutes in our local pub before being refilled.
Rob Falconer, Llandough, Wales

In 10 things, I suspect you are forgetting about Leif Ericson, the first European to land in Newfoundland. So unless an Englishman landed in Newfoundland in 1004, then I doubt number nine is correct.
Andrew Watson, Kelso

Thanks for the caption kudos - you'll be pleased to hear an offer of work has already come flooding in from Mills and Baboon.
Rockahula, London

Bad Magazine Monitor, bad! How could Rockahula's caption be a runner-up? That should have been the winning one.
Flavia, Dublin

AK (Thursday's letters), a friend of a friend got his PhD a couple of years back and became Dr Blood - could he be the arch villain and nemesis of Dr Power?
Andrew Harris, Jubail, Saudi Arabia

A belated contribution to the mistranslated menu discussion. My favourite was in Madeira, where the sangria was translated as "bleeding red wine". It was delicious.
Pam Baker, Oban, Scotland

There's a menu I saw in Brazil that, 10 years later, still confuses me. We managed to work out "untethered chickens" fairly easily (free-range), but what on earth is "Golf Pod Sauce"? Answers on a postcard, please.
Natalie, York

It's not just in non-English speaking countries you find interesting menus. A simple spelling mistake at a pub in London once turned the appetising "Chicken and Leek Pie" to the rather stomach churning "Chicken Leak Pie".
Paul, Isle of Man

I have noticed that the BBC News 24 label idents (and others) cause a burn on my television. This can ruin a TV, and as such I will not be watching rolling news channels for any lengths of time in future. Is BBC News going to address this?
Monica Hay, London

So Paper Monitor is hard at work, but where is the update from Web Monitor after all the moaning about long hours? Off playing badminton and sipping a mint julep perhaps?
Candace, New Jersey, US

Alan! Alan! Al! Alan!
Steve, Inverness

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