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15:53 UK time, Monday, 17 August 2009

Regarding this - was it too obvious to describe it as a "catastrophe"?
Dan, Oxford

"Twitter feeds are 40% babble" and "Labour appoints it's very own Twitter 'tsar'" appearing on the same page - sounds like Gordon Brown has found the right medium for Prime Minister's Questions at long last.
Ann Till, Petersfield, UK

That's not an alien - it's clearly Hitler.
Dan, Cambridge

What are the chances of this? I see this story appear on my screen the very same second I start tucking into a ham sandwich. I feel terrible now.
Adam, London, UK

"Dumb" NZ thief leaves his name at the scene, by ordering The Wall by Pink Floyd? Well, obviously, he didn't need no education.
Caroline Brown, Rochester, UK

I did have second thoughts when registering as orca1975 on
Nuno Aragao, Aveiro, Portugal

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