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16:22 UK time, Friday, 14 August 2009

Re: Questions children ask - how heavy is the sky? I'll let off the contributor from Utah for replying in old-fashioned units, but Boris from the West Midlands (presumably a Brit) has no such excuse and takes the biscuit for the most roundabout, complicated and outdated approach to a simple question. This is exactly the same answer Boris gave, but without the crazy list of conversion factors he needed to use to do it in old units! Boris's children's next questions to him would be "daddy, what's an inch?" and "daddy, what's a pound?" and "daddy, what's a mile?". To which the answer should be "something you learn about in history class"!
Steve Hosgood, Swansea, Wales

Does this story mean that historians of the future will look back on Tony Blair's premiership and say "Yes, but at least he made the trains run on time"?
Adam, London, UK

You wait for one silly story and then two come along at once.
Tom Webb, Surbiton, UK

Re: Daily mini-quiz. Although the guitar on the left is a Les Paul, the one on the left (the Gibson SG) was orginally marketed as a Les Paul and, although he didn't design it, it did originally bear his name. You could have saved all the confusion by using a BC Rich Mockingbird or something.
Mark Williamson, Loughton, UK

I wonder if I'm the only person who waits until 10 Things... has been published to take the 7 Days quiz. It's improved my score more than once. Is this cheating?
Naomi, Gloucester

What are Love Handles called in the USA?
Richard, Bridport

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